Sam Rodia and the Watts Towers

I’d forgotten about this wonderful documentary about the Watts Towers and the man who created them. If you’ve never seen them, do so. They are one of truly astonishing creations in this city. Crowds of people stare at the giant rock the idiots at LACMA paid zillions of dollars for. And people faun over the zillion dollar constructions of Frank Gehry. That’s just rich people spending money. Too much money. It’s not art, it’s just decadence. Sam Rodia did not have a lot of money. The Watts Towers are the real thing. Check out this beautiful film.

Sam Rodia and the Watts Towers
Definitive documentary film on the Watts Towers in South Central Los Angeles, a monument of ‘outsider’ or ‘folk’ art built by Italian immigrant Sam (Simon) Rodia.

Progressive Tea Party

Just read another intellectual hyperbolic scree on Facebook against the news media, about how it’s always against the true Americans, how it always lies, how it is twisted in favor of the other side. Pure Tea Party anti-press paranoia. Only this came from the Left.  More and more the same paranoid, intolerant, self-delusional memes that  drive the right are infecting the left. I see this everyday from people I know on Facebook.

He wasn’t just condemning FoxNews…he was condemning all media. It made no sense, he was just yelling. But he got a long list of equally verbose and intelligent comments agreeing with and adding to his nonsense. It was like reading the comments on or Yahoo News, but through the looking glass and spell checked.. I’d stepped into a hole and fallen up, and progressives were screaming just like the Tea Partiers scream, but backwards. Inside out. Continue reading