Dick Clark

There’s a notion going round that Dick Clark was the one who out Elvis Presley on national television. It seems to have sollidified into fact since he died, Now maybe I’m wrong, but I think American Bandstand was a local Philly show until later in the 50′s, by which time Elvis had been all over national TV many times, not to mention made a movie or two. Rock’n’roll was on TV a lot then because it sold. But I think Dick Clark was the first national show that had it on Saturday mornings, right after the cartoons. He was certainly the one who helped make rock’n’roll safe for nice white teenagers. What had been all Elvis, Little Richard, Jerry Lee, Bo Diddley et al became Pat Boone, Paul Anka, Fabian and Frankie and Annette. I always thought Dick Clark was one of those guys who cashed in on rock’n’roll by destroying it. Took years to recover. Thank god some English kids discovered Chess Records and took rock’n’roll back again.

Rock’n’roll has always been a war between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Alan Freed was in league with the Devil. Dick Clark now sings with the angels. Me, I’ll take the evil every time.

Dick Clark, Pat Boone and Jerry Lee Lewis, who is thinking about kickign both their asses right there on live TV.

Dick Clark, Pat Boone and Jerry Lee Lewis, who is thinking about kicking both their silly asses right there on live TV.

3 thoughts on “Dick Clark

  1. my father’s family settled in Philadelphia before The War. His youngest sister, Eleanor, “my” Aunt Ellie danced on the Bandstand in those early days. I believe that tyou’re correct: The Bandstand came along much later after Elvis exploded on the scene.

    I may contend though about Dick Clark. He was indeed a tyrannical anti-drug, lily white safe Pop Rock entrepreneur and ultimately media mogul but, if Aunt Ellie is any example of the plight of The Bandstand’s “kids”, she was wicked bedeviled, having three children with three different men out of wedlock and died young, before 50 years old of drinking damage to liver and heart. Maybe she was just a Bandstand “dropout” now that I think of it.


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