Probably only seen the Oscars once in thirty or forty years and that was probably twenty-five years ago and I remember not having a clue who anyone was. It was at an Oscars Party–not one of those parties, it was in Pasadena at somebody’s house with a big TV and chips and dip–and we were both pretty bored and left and went to a club where we knew who everyone was. Last year we went to the Rock’n’Roll Ralphs during the Oscar ceremony. It’s right down the street from the theater. You could feel the excitement. Well you couldn’t actually. We were only there because we’d forgotten about the Oscars. But we parked on the roof. That was exciting. And there’s an elevator. Imagine that. It was Day of the Locust on Hollywood Blvd, and Day of the Low Costs at Ralphs. At Rock’n’Roll Ralphs they have Nathaniel West sales. OK, they don’t, but that made this post almost sound literary. Almost.

2 thoughts on “Oscars

  1. Since the late ’70s I’ve always found that Oscar Nite™© is an excellent time to do some spring cleaning, or at least open the windows & vacuum under furniture for once.


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