The world is so small and fragile

Managed to snap a thick handled hair brush cleanly in two with a slip of the elbow. The handle ricocheted off various surfaces and then disappeared, the brush summersaulted beautifully towards the ceiling before clattering into the sink. Nice to see at 64 I can still break normal people objects with a slip of the elbow. Maybe I can start accidentally crushing the stemware again, wine everywhere, fragments of the glass in my hand. Put away the nice stuff, Brick’s coming.

My greatest moment, though was at work. The door from the lobby had locked itself again, a secretary maybe five feet tall stood there helplessly. No worries, I said, just give it a little nudge, it’ll pop right open, like this, and I gave it a push and it indeed opened, taking the door frame with it. It made a helluva crash, The secretary was surprised. The people standing on the other side of the door were even more surprised.

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