People think you’re a little crazy if you really like going in for surgery because it’s like Disneyland and you’re in Tomorrowland. It’s an E ticket ride, as the geezers say, and you’re on the ride and the last thing you’ll remember is the anesthesiologist telling you he’s giving something to relax you and you wake up all groggy and the nurse says hi, it’s all done now. Oh yeah, it is. After a few more visits, nurses, the surgeon, some somebody somethings, all smiling beneath their masks, they tell you it went great, and within and hour or two you’re dressed and they’re putting you in a wheelchair with a plastic hospital bag full of instructions and pills for pain, but it never even hurt so no need for the pills. That was fun, I say, and my buddy who’s driving me home looks at me like I’m nuts.


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