Key words

While looking though the WordPress stats for I found this. It’s a list of terms that people have entered on Google or Yahoo that brought them to my blog. Wow. Not only are people disgusting, but I have no idea who fucked Stuart Whitman.

telephone porn
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little fuck
nothing but footjobs
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what is crisco
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betty grable’s legs
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autobiography of a brick
debbie harry school uniform
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nuns in civvies
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crisco boys
foot job
debbie harry legs
gay boy stretching his hole
brick porn star
debbie harry ass pics
fuck dwarf
crying elvis painting
how long does june gloom last in santa Barbara
miriam hopkins beautiful
white fuck me pumps
little women la fuck
diana krall fakes
open leg girl
hangaround hells angels
crisco sex
fuck with a dwarf
elvis and lady legs
deborah ann “debbie” harry nipple slip
debbie harry young
spun killer
naked in the sun
like verbs describing what happened
indian naked pictures
images of betty grable
photos deborah harry
gay civilization
debbie brick
girls humping balloons
grace slick on how to play piano
fuck me pink
“sky saxon” “fruitarians”
ohhh alright
terrorist alarm clock
hells angels
“nothing but footjobs”
fuck me pumps -winehouse
betty grable crotch
shiny costume fuck
stupid shoes
nice ladys
miriam hopkins lot
was charles bukowski a brilliant writer ?
deborah harry / feet
crisco fuck
debbie harry says
debbie harry cowgirl
fuck a dwarf
which arm and leg did john bell lose
porn telephone
mirium hopkins nude
images of Crisco
foot pictures for business cards
hells angels womens properties
voila footjob
gay boy men tumblr
deborah debbie harry nude naked
footjob actors
la chanteuse debbie harry de blondie 1980
gay Crisco
debbie harry miniskirt
miriam hopkins’ temper
legs makes breathless
valerie bertinelli ass
smart ass graduating senior oneliners
deborah harry standing next to a tv
bob denver marijuana
diana krall feet
“goddamn breeders” gay
/leave a comment/ fuck me
miriam hopkins/nude
computer technician footjob
i pink fuck
fucking pink pumps
who fucked stuart whitman
brick wahl footjob
women smell ass hole
fucked in pink pumps
fuckbook right
fuck me pumps fiction
fuck me pumps
miriam hopkins sexy
naked women
colder than fuck
naked girls
fuck book face
very nice lades
fuckbook images
nude miriam Hopkins
wahle women naked
compared my poetry to bob dylan
marlene dietrich nackt
bakersfield secret fuck spots
cost of a silkworm handkerchief
sexy debbie harry
was steve mariott strung out
girl squeezes balloon with thighs
fuck my wife
first night thin girl fucking
fuck me pumps black shoes
why chechens are crazy
which arm and leg did john bell hood lose
wahl panty
crazy accidental deaths
henry rollins weirdness
pink shiny pumps
white toenail polish footjob
pictures of meth party
she wasn’t getting any at home
what is a brick of crystal meth
naked girls on word
nude pictures of ava gardner
drunk women in palm springs
change facebook to fuckbook
the man who didn’t smell his ass hole
girls poping nice shiney white balloons
dwarf fuck me
fucked in pumps
but footjob
fuck shiny
midget security guards
women, bursting, balloons, tighs
jello biafra wore a chain
how to do the chinese yours repeat themselves
i do elvis
elvis and sexy ladies
gay male with leather chaps
gay male footjob
gay boys tumblr archive boy
debbie harry smoking
gay boys
wasn’t gay boy
ok doris

I’m emailing this after I decided against blogging it. Probably a bad idea, not blogging it. This certainly  would be my most popular blog post of all time, and it would send my Klout score through the roof.  I’m just scared I might find out what OK Doris means.

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