Midget usher


Went to the Playboy Jazz festival yesterday with Fyl. Had a ball. Great jazz, cool people, free press food, free press booze, perfect weather, and hot pants and high heels. I mean, lots, wow. Like being in high school in the 70’s again.
I was talked into going off to smoke a joint with a beautiful Filipina woman. She got me so stoned I could barely walk. But hell, it’s the Playboy Jazz Fest.  Anything goes.
And there was that midget security guard. She had this badass glare, like you make one short joke, sucker, and you can forget about being a daddy. I stayed out of her way.
All kinds of other stuff, too. 12 hours worth. And it was only the first day. This is a great life.
Went back today with a pal and behaved myself all day. Had a couple beers. Great music. Amazing seats. Gorgeous women. Midget usher.
I just wanted to say midget usher. But there really was one.

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