Brother Brick Says

(seven inch single sleeve , c. 1988)

Busting up a brawl at the Anti-club in the 80’s. The kid on the left there had gotten his buddies to pull the soundman down on the floor and were wailing on him. No reason.  I was about to nail one dude who’d taken a swing at me when I realized I could kill him, so I bitchslapped the little fuck. That ended it. My buddy Don Butler was right there with a camera and got this notorious shot, which wound up on my brother Jon’s band 7” cover. The days of vinyl. Claw Hammer (named after a tune off of Trout Mask Replica) was one of the truly great bands of the ’80’s underground.  But don’t even ask about the tune…it’s some strange tale of childhood. People still call me Brother Brick. There was a band in Australia called Brother Brick (I never heard them.) I’m just glad it was a great tune. Imagine having some crap song with your name on it…..

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