(email, 2009)

I was watching a BBC nature documentary on Animal Planet a couple nights ago. It was late, past midnight. Apparently all the viewers of Animal Planet late at night are women as every single commercial was aimed at female consumers.  One came on with a bunch of women complaining about the loss of sexual satisfaction. There’s something called Zestra that once applied increases sexual satisfaction dramatically. The women interviewed loved it.  After about a minute of this I realized that not only were there no men in the commercial, but there was no mention of men, and the sexual satisfaction was something between them and their Zestra. Oh. We’ve been replaced by an ointment. A bit later there was an ad for something called the Trojan Vibrating Touch Mini-vibrator.  “Big Pleasure in a Small Package!” The older lady explained how you just slipped it over the finger and let it work.  Immense sexual satisfaction was guaranteed. The girls were all thrilled to death and ordering them in all kinds of colors and couldn’t wait to achieve their own immediate, enhanced sexual satisfaction over and over. They laughed at the grandma who explained how to use it, and she said “even I like to have my little fun!”…..

With a small package no less.


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