(Just found this, it’s from an email circa 2007 to somebofy or other, no idea who…. Pardon the pomposity. I was still a little new and naive. Jadedness is a luxury you can hide behind, wallow in even. Pomposity is just the sign of a writer having no idea what the fuck he’s doing. I’d just experienced a stint under the worst editor in the world at this point. Some people have no language skills at all. So they write abour music…He’s done very well, too. They all do, those worst editors in the histroy of tyhe world.)

I don’t hate editors, ya know. They rarely understand my writing style, but usually leave it be. My prose is kinda way over their head or under their feet or in a different dimension(s) but they notice if they tinker too much it all caves in. I didn’t know this till I saw how they tinkered. They usually do a lot when they first start working on my stuff but after a while they seem to get more of it and leave it be for the most part. My stuff is so multi-layered and full of puns and references and linguistics and multi-layered writing things and rhthyms—jazz rhythms mostly, but anything drummy too…that I assume only I get them anyway and I have my originals so what goes in print means not much to me. I write for myself, I guess. If people like it, fine…if they don’t that’s cool too. To this day I hate talking about my writing, and kinda can’t stand it when people come up to talk to me about it specifically. [I still can’t…drives me crazy.] I even prefer being completely anonymous except to the players. The only people I talk to about it—besides poor Fyl—are a couple other writers who I consider good, deep prosesmiths, or literate musicians who might dig what I am getting at.   But I make sooooooooooo many mistakes that an editor is essential. And when I have a good one, oh man, that is beautiful. I do NOT like being unedited. Never have. Not even when I was doing rock stuff.

(My perfect editor ever was the Editrix, she was a writer’s dream. Alas it was such a fleeting thing, just a couple months. She was maybe my tenth editor at the Weekly. They went through editors like I go through elipses…..)

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