I have trouble thinking in lists

(2009 ten best list for All About Jazz. Never wrote another.)

Man, I have trouble thinking in lists, by best ofs, certainly in tens! Oh well. Here goes…these are things that came out this past year (2009).  I like a lot today, but my opinions shift all the time…..

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey One Day In Brooklyn (Kinnara)

Lanny Morgan Sextet 6 (ACM)

David Murray & the Gwo Ka Masters The Devil Tried To Kill Me (Justin Time)

Alex Cline Continuation (Cryptogramophone)

Art Pepper The Art History Project: Unreleased Art Volume IV (Widow’s Taste)

John Beasley Positootly! (Resonance)

Branford Marsalis Quartet Metamorphosen (Marsalis Music)

Josh Nelson Let It Go (Native Language)

Miguel Zenon Esta Plena (Marsalis Music)

Reptet Agendacide 7″ single (Monktail)

Fuck, I could tossed in a half dozen more easy.

Sorry but I don’t really get any reissues or boxsets, one or two  a year maybe, not on the right lists I suppose. And I am so horribly bad about keeping up with the jazz press I never have a clue what’s out. I subscribed to Downbeat for a year and all twelve issues are sitting on my desk, their ages shiny and unmarred by my prying eyes. I’ll flip through them one of these days.

Anyway, hope that list passes muster.

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