Ava Gardner

“See that dame? A dame like that comes along once a century, maybe once in a whole civilization. Maybe a dame like that comes along just once in the whole history of the universe, just the once, and there will never be another dame like that again. A dame like that is pure electricity, one look from those eyes and there’s a pile of ash where you used to be. That’s what a dame like that can do. You touch a dame like that and oh boy, there’s not even ashes. You’re vaporized,  just electrons and then not even that. Nothing. You never even existed.   That’s what a dame like that can do. Seriuosly. Totally. Absolutely…. But you can’t take your eyes off a dame like that, can you? You can’t stop thinking about her, you can’t stop hoping a dame like that will  look at you with those eyes and you’ll not vaporize. That you’ll still be there, and she’ll smile at you and when she does she’s yours. All yours. Forever. Totally yours. Tnat’s what you wish for, wish for more than anything.  Why? Because you’d give anything for a dame like that. Anything and everything. Because a dame like that is a dame like that. “

Ava Gardner

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