Blizzard of towels

(weirdness at the Playboy Jazz Festival, 2008)

But the best thing I saw all weekend at the Bowl was late yesterday when I went into a restroom to wash up. There was a guy maybe my age, rather clean cut, very fit, at the sink washing his hands.  He then went to the towel dispenser. Pulled a towel. Then another. Then another and another and another and soon , completely oblivious to me maybe three sinks down, he began pulling them out in a frenzy, wild eyed and a big crazy grin from ear to ear. There was a blizzard of towels, they over flowed the sink and fluttered to the floor..a hundred, two hundred towels easy. Suddenly he realized I was there, water running over my hands, staring at him dumbfounded. Oh sorry man, he mumbled, and pointed at the dispenser….they don’t let you rip one, you rip one and another one and ohhhh, he shook his head sagely and said It’s a conspiracy, man, and walked off and disappeared around the corner.

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