punk rock bbq

(email that wound up on Liquid Kitty website, 2004)

ey y’all: Very cool gig happening Sunday afternoon [that is, back in 2004] at the Liquid Kitty in Santa freaking Monica. Ex-Cruel Frederick plays about a dozen varied reeds in the CD Sextet, btw, for you Noize and free jazz freaks, while Chuck answers your questions on the more arcane aspects of biology. And also a rare appearance by FishCamp, who play in the old skool Pedro stylee. And Backbiter are now two thirds married but I have no idea if that has changed their sound (it hasn’t). Meet Don Bolles and ask him about his chapeau. (But be wary of Dave Jones, punk rock sociologist). And Saccharine Trust are either playing all of Pagan Icons or Surviving You Always, I can’t remember which, and their rhythm section will draw carloads of those crazy Cal Arts chicks. These things are a lot of fun. Free hot dogs. Weirdly colored martinis. Cheap beer. Clean air. Martin Sheen and a busload of homeless people. Whole herds of Hummers passing by. That male cat smell of Club 88 wafting nostalgically up Pico. And the party’ll be loose and casual and they keep the music industry types away with a can of Raid and a bunch of Shell No-Pest Strips.

OK, maybe you thought a punk rock BBQ meant Rancid. I’m sorry. Dave Childs lied. It’s punk because all the bald guys used to have mohawks where now there’s pate. It’s punk because of all the old people and buses. And all the fuckin’ pent up shit. And getting arrested the other night at Blackies for playing punk rock music. Calling them nuisance in publics or something like that. We’re from Frisco. I don’t have any ones. You always beat on guys smaller than you? Somebody give him a fleabath. Quick. Brick

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