Rick Stevens

Terrific singer, horrific crime, I never thought I’d see this. He’s appearing with Tower of Power…the band is up for it. I’d love to see that, he was my fave of their vocalists. His ability to shift from conversation to singing and back on “You’re Still A Young Man” is just extraordinary, I remember being amazed at that even as a kid. It was so street, man, so real. Too real, I guess, him spinning out on speedballs and whatever, a junkie tweeked out of his skull. His crime was bad, man, real bad. No thinking at all, just bad paranoia with a gun. Yow. Hard time for a zillion years, for life, for life doubled even, did the crime and doing his time twice over, forever. Then a miracle, he’s out, and he sure ain’t a young man no more. But I bet he can still sing, sing like nobody’s business, and in a world where people can’t even sing for real for the President and Martin Luther King, I doubt you’ll hear a note or a word out of this man that ain’t as real as real can get. I’m looking forward to his day on stage.
Anyway, here’s the story.

2 thoughts on “Rick Stevens

  1. i thought you were going to say rick stevens is dead! wonder if he can still sing good? he was great on Bump City.

    also just an idea can i attach some of my Tower of Power style tunes to your blog?


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