Women will tell a tall man anything.

I just looked up from my desk and got an eyefull. It swished a bit as it passed my desk, swished again as it walked away. And while I’m not like a freak about these things, if there were a contest it would stand a very good chance of making it into the finals. At least on this floor. Its owner will come around and talk to me soon enough. She’s very friendly. She likes tall guys. She told me so when the two of us were in the elevator. She also told me she was on her way to a spa for a deep massage. Deep massage? Oh yeah, they go over your whole body, massaging and kneading the skin and using special oils. She went on about it. The mind’s eye saw her nude and glistening. Disconcerting. Fun, but disconcerting. I don’t know what it is about women and tall guys, but it’s like all the usual rules of decorum are tossed aside.  Some women will tell a tall man anything.

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