Arianna Huffington

Yet another article on astronomical CEO salaries. Executive pay just seems to go up and up and payroll goes down and down. The average CEO makes 354 times as much as the average worker does now. Thirty years ago they made 42 times as much. CEO pay soars at a faster and faster rate  while your pay stagnates well below the rate of inflation. Wages are so low now, benefits so slashed, even little perks cut back. The company can no longer afford free bagels on Friday.

I was surprised to learn that Arianna Huffington makes $4 million a year as head of Huffington Post. That site was only profitable for a couple years, and has lost money since becoming part of AOL, but Arianna reels in that salary still. And that’s without paying her writers, all but a chosen few, a business model that most CEO’s can only dream about. This CEO salary inflation is so pervasive that it infects even the progressive media that rails against it. Doesn’t seem to bother its readers a bit, though. No one even recognizes irony anymore. I wonder if Arianna does. I’m sure she does. A sucker, they say, is born every minute.

One thought on “Arianna Huffington

  1. Just read that Goodell of the NFL’s “reported” compensation is approx. 30 million US. Not bad for a guy who’s never completed a pass unless it was a pass at an admin. ass’t.


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