Kitty heaven

Cat’s dying and we’re sitting here waiting for it to go. It looked bad once and revived so that you’d feel just terrible putting it down too soon. Now there’s been a turn for the worse, but not as bad as the first time. We were ready to put her down then but the vet really didn’t think it was time yet. She’s not ready, give her time. So we did and sure enough she perked up, wandered around, enjoyed herself. Spent some quality time with her sister. But now, I dunno. We’ll see tomorrow. Cats have an infuriating tendency to hit the final skids on evenings or weekends, when you have to go to the emergency vet and it’s big bucks. It’s a shame, though, she’s only ten years old. Diabetes. A severe case. She’ll be gone soon enough, she’ll shut herself down and begin that final purr. Then kitty heaven. Life returns to normal.

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