Music Conferences

Another evite.

CBGB Festival: Music Conference

Good Lord, is nothing not sacred? I mean, I can’t figure out the trajectory from the Ramones and Johnny Thunders to the head of Viacom Music. Maybe I missed something.

It’s funny that the music industry will pay more attention to CBGB’s as a brand than they ever did to the bands that played there. But a brand is something their lawyers can understand. Music? That’s a little iffy.

Anyway, fuck music conferences, all of them. I never attended one. I’m not gonna go hear some shyster babble about how he made his millions off other people’s music. I’ll just go hear the music.

Ya know, they reduce music to a business model, and they wonder where the sales went. Well, people don’t feel a business model. But they feel the real. Alas, real doesn’t fit into the business model. A conundrum. We’ll discuss it at the next conference. And can you turn down that damn music? I’m trying to think here.

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