Halloween tunes

(Halloween, 2013)

I used to spin music for the trick or treaters. The Residents, Throbbing Gristle, Velvet Underground, Pere Ubu, Himalayan chants and horn bellowing, voodoo drums, stuff like that. Coltrane’s Meditations, even, which for the uninitiated can be a little unnerving…. Kids would say that is scary music, mister!  Crazy! They got extra candy. Some kids started up the walk sassing and I turned up Throbbing Gristle and they fled. Ha!  Then as the Residents demented take on Satisfaction blasted from the speakers I looked out the door and there was the cutest little thing you ever saw in a Tigger costume. She clung to her mother too terrified to come to the door.  Her  mom looked at me. Your music scared her, she said. Scared her to death. I said I’m sorry. She said well I guess that’s what you’re trying to do and walked off into the night, soothing the little thing with mommy talk.

Wow. I had terrified a two years old with the Residents. That was not supposed to happen. You’re not supposed to make tykes in Tigger costumes cry. It’s just wrong, Halloween or not. I took off the Residents, and put Hamburger Lady away. Played something less scary. Couldn’t tell you what. And here I am still feeling like a creep about the whole thing twenty five years later. Trick or Treat indeed.



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