I’ve become fascinated with Facebook’s sense of time…it’s free of real time chronology….I keep seeing obituaries for people dead years ago, and news stories from the past get people outraged anew. You can will time, or more likely, Facebook wills you to accept whatever is posted as of the now, even if it isn’t. Time shifts suddenly, or it stops, or goes backwards, goes forward. Time hovers. Sometimes time disappears completely, and you’re looking into another universe where what was never was, string theory come to life. Done correctly, you can never die, or you can have died already, and we can all have your stuff. Combine this with all the fake news, and it’s all completely surreal. Take this post, for example, I wrote this three days ago next week, except I never wrote it, and it’s completely untrue. So there.

One thought on “Time

  1. The other day everyone was all in a dither about the imminent demise of the PC computer what with the new technology that could reduce the computer to the size and shape of a pen one could put in one’s pocket. There was a video and everything showing this futuristic gadget at work. Amazing bluetooth technology was going to make it so that you could connect the gadget wirelessly to a virtual keyboard that was a light display projected on your desk and a monitor that was projected onto the wall. The comments went on for page after page of people being afraid they would lose the pen and thus lose all the hard work they had stored in it. The way you connected all these light projected periferals was through a Palm Pilot. Palm Pilot. Virtually extinct for at least a decade.


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