All is fair


I remember when you guys met. Pretty steamy romance going on there!! I love you both.

Yeah that was 34 years ago next month–1979. I remember we hooked up at the FUBAR in Goleta–it was a Robbie Krieger show and we were bored to tears–and went back to her pad, partied with her boyfriend–he had sake and hash–and then kicked him out. I didn’t realize it was his pad. But I was bigger. All is fair in lust and war….

He was a nice guy and I felt a little bad–well not that night, maybe, but later. He was hurt, left her an angry note and called her a facist. But I was bigger and could spell. So I won.

Brick'n'Fyl c. 1982

Fyl and me in 1982. It’s the earliest shot I can find online. Photo by Spike.


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