(Just found this, from 2013)

Thanks to all for the get wells to me, tho’ I was just a big guy with a little cold. Nothing special. As was hers at first, even less so. The pneumonia popped up after she seemed almost perfectly fine again. Kinda snuck in there. She’s responding well to antibiotics, her vitals are back to normal, fever gone, feisty, funny, insulting. There was talk of her being released tomorrow tho’ I suspect she’ll be there till Monday (they kept her there an extra night and she was home on Tuesday). Such a room they got her today….big and spacious, comfortable bed and a beautiful view down Sunset Blvd. Dusk was gorgeous. I was tempted to pull the lever that converts the guest easy chair (seriously, it’s a compact, little easy chair) into a bed. A hospital with a convertible easy chair. Only thing missing was a wet bar.

Spent most Sunday back at Kaiser just hanging with Fyl who’s just about fully recovered. Coming home tomorrow (it was the day after tomorrow, actually). Her room was comfortable and the National Geographic Channel was showing hours and hours of the new Cosmos series. It was one of those oddly comforting experiences you can have in a quiet part of a hospital, you’re sealed off from everyday reality, they bring in food and the occasional medication and take the occasional vital sign. She’s virtually mended and was bored as you can be when you feel near well in a hospital bed, but episode after episode of Cosmos was pure escapist mindfuckery and I was sad to see it end. The only real distraction was a stunning sunset that bathed the room in pinkish light. Nice.

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