Elvis sideburns

I was born with a head of jet black hair. Had the Elvis sideburns as well. That was 1957, in Long Branch, New Jersey, and all my uncle’s rock’n’roll hoodlum friends came round in leather jackets, baby oiled my hair into a tiny pompadour and sang Hound Dog. Then they went out and ruined civilization with their devil music. I haven’t been the same since.

My first baby picture.

My first baby picture.

2 thoughts on “Elvis sideburns

  1. Where did you get this picture from? I’m wondering who the nurse is. My client was Elvis nurse in the army and she showed me a picture of him and her during that time and this looks like her from behind.


    • Believe it or not, I googled Elvis nurse 1957 and this popped up. According to the caption in the link, it’s from the Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, which is now the headquarters of the Church of Scientology, of which Elvis was not a member….

      If you google elvis cedars of Lebanon you’ll see newspaper clippings, apparently he swallowed one of his dental caps during the filming of Jail House Rock and it wound up in his lung. They had to operate, obviously.

      I do recall seeing pics of Elvis with nurses in the army while searching for this shot…just google Elvis army nurse and see what comes up.

      OK, have fun….



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