The Universe

So I just wrote an essay, more like a story really, called Metaverse. I liked it. I don’t like them all, but this one I liked a lot. But then something very weird happened. I typed the last line “Someone asked if there was any PBR and another universe opened up”, looked away, looked back, and the story was not there. It had vanished. It had been there, all clever and literary, and then suddenly it was as if it had, well, fallen into another universe. I searched every nook and cranny of WordPress in this universe but found nothing. Several hundred words, a complex narrative, Krautrock, beer and some smartassed string theory just gone, like they’d never been.

I decided not to rewrite it. You don’t fuck with the universe.

Listening to Amon Düül II probably didn't help any.

Listening to Amon Düül II at the time probably didn’t help any.


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