In Walked Bud

Said I’d make dinner. Fridge and crispers pretty bare, cupboards barer. We need to do some shopping. Found a package of Farmer John maple breakfast links in the freezer. No idea where they came from. Thawed ’em and fried ’em slowly. I let a pot of water get to a rolling boil and slipped in a mess of rigatoni. Then I found a small can of tomato sauce, diced up some onion and black olives and stirred them up together in a sauce pan, plus a few seasonings. OK, now what. Flipped on the kitchen radio. A sax solo, sharp, kind of crazy. Grabbed a bigger skillet, heated up some olive oil and tossed in a mess more of that chopped onion and black olives. I’m digging this saxophone, Johnny Griffin I think, with hints of Lester Young. Found three grape tomatoes, quartered them and added them. Then grabbed a bag of broccoli and tossed maybe a dozen florets into the skillet with the onion and olives. Stirred it all around, then let it sizzle. Added a few various seasonings, plus a couple sprinkles of garlic powder. The sax solo was done, the sausages were done. I took them off the heat and onto some paper towels to get rid of the grease. Drum solo. Maybe Roy Haynes. The rigatoni was ready, so I tossed that into a strainer. Now what? Drummer drops big beats on the bass drum, I dumped the pasta into the skillet, stirring it around. Diced up the links, tossed them in. Kept stirring. High hat splashes. More olive oil. A few seasonings. Low heat. Sizzles. Definitely Roy Haynes. Did some of the dishes. Gave it a few more stirs. Made a fresh pot of coffee. Thelonious Monk on the radio. Got out the plates. Sliced up a cucumber. Got in a last couple stirs. Tried to remember the tune Monk is playing. In Walked Bud. Found some parmesan from a pizza delivery. Called Fyl into the kitchen. A final stir. In walked Fyl. Taste test. Very solemn. She’s letting her taste buds take their time, then nods in the affirmative. That’s good she says and smiles. Monk solos. I hand her a plate and she spoons herself out a big helping, graces it with parmesan, and gives me a kiss.

I don’t know how, or even what to call it, but it sure was good.

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