Wedding Bell Blues

Hey, thousands of Russian women want to marry me again!

I thought they’d given up on me a decade ago for playing hard to get. Luckily for my middle aged ego at the time they were quickly replaced by thousands of Filipinas who wanted to marry me. So many lovelies, too. But you know how fickle Pinays are and they dumped me, every last one of them. I was crushed. But then thousands of Chinese girls took pity and wanted to marry me, and lot of them proved their willingness by being naked. Apparently it’s an old Chinese tradition. But I was busy, and writing too much, and already married, so they dumped me too, though the naked ones waited longer. Alas I never noticed them tucked away in my spam folder. Finally even the naked ones left me in the lurch. A girl can only wait so long. For years thereafter I lived a forlorn online existence, getting ads for walk in bathtubs, baldness remedies, testosterone supplements and funeral plots. Sad.

Then suddenly thousands of Russian women want to marry me again. They email every day, too. That how I know it’s the real thing this time. True luv.

To: Brick W.

From: ❤️️ Russian Woman

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