I’m seriously considering deleting everything.

I’m seriously considering dumping most of the stuff I’ve written, just deleting nearly all of it. There’s just so much of it and it’s a pain in the ass and I’m not the least bit interested in being an archivist. I suppose I’d hang onto s few things but the rest can be blown to electrons as far as I’m concerned. I always wondered what is is that drives painters or writers to throw their canvases and manuscripts in a heap and set them alight. It’s just that you get sick of them being around. They get in the way of creativity. You find yourself worrying too much about this old shit. And no fire is required for this sort of bonnier, just hit delete and you’re free.

Anyway, I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’m very tired of all this clutter. It serves no purpose except to remind me I write too much. And I’ll still keep writing, which is what it’s all about, writing. The verb writing, not the noun writing. Writing as a verb is alive, writing as a noun is not alive at all, but finished, completed, dead.

Anyway I suppose this sounds like a stupid idea.

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