End times

Just spent nearly $300 at Ralphs. Hot damn. The only things they were out of was toilet paper and cans of cat food. What an odd looking panic that must have been.

We have toilet paper and don’t have cats.

There was a noticeable lack of old people with shopping carts in a store that is normally swarming with them, though perhaps swarming ain’t quite the word. Creeping. Creeping with old people with shopping carts, of which there were few, so things moved speedily. Few old people, I mean, there were lots of shopping carts.

But I digress.

Now we’re gonna go out to eat. Don’t know when we’ll do it again. Nobody over sixty knows when we’ll ever to be able to do anything outside again. It’s now the exciting world of online deliveries for us.

I haven’t felt anything like this since I was a kid in the depths of the Cold War and sirens would go off and you’d think it was the end of the world.

4 thoughts on “End times

  1. It’s weird. Grocery stores still open here, but low on things like dairy products and juices. Some restaurants closed, some “to go” only. Movie theaters closed. Since we are fairly asocial anyway, not much impact on our lives.


    • I think we’ll be doing the stay at him thing like Frisco soon enough. We made all our preps figuring that if we got Ill we could be quarantined for two months easily, so we shopped and stocked accordingly ahead of the panic buyers.


  2. I went to the grocery store (Whole Foods; I’m not fond of that giant corporation wiping out competitors and slowly turning everything they carry into their own brand, but that’s another rant; it happens to be the only place on my way home from work) and was only allowed in because I am over 60 years of age. Those young folks need to wait an hour later. That feels very weird.


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