Two Canadians walk into a bar

[2015. Scott Walker was a Republican presidential candidate then who promised to build his wall on both borders.]

Thank god Scott Walker will build that wall to keep illegal Canadians out. An old man in my neighborhood was just assaulted by an illegal alien curling team hanging around the Home Depot parking lot. He needed some sweeping done. They hit him with a curling stone, sang O Canada, and made off with his wallet.

Jokes about Canadians continue to sink without a trace on Facebook. Since no one in LA knows any Canadians, speaks any Canadian, or has a clue what Canadians look like, they figure that I am joking but they can’t tell if I’m being racist or not. So they say nothing. No comments, no likes, no nothing. The Facebook equivalent of a blank stare.

Facebook loves it when I say something about Donald Trump, though. But then he’s not Canadian.

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