Must have been something I said

Basically anything you say on Facebook this week will get you yelled at with an incredible ferocity by perfectly nice people. I realize it’s only a few days till the election and I’ve avoided saying anything political for a while now—I’d been exposed as a Trumper—and have steadily cut back on things to talk about or even mention. But this week a single word on any topic can unleash a molten thread of vituperation that it’s best to politely avoid if at all possible. Turning off notifications works, the thread is rendered invisible in your feed and you can proceed blithely on as if nothing had happened at all, though you may discover later that your sudden silence has taken on all sorts of ramifications and by thread’s end in your absence you’re a Trumper again. Just as likely, however, is that you may go back and the molten eruption has vanished, as if it had never been and you imagined the whole thing. That’s happened a couple times. An entire essay in two parts, hundreds of words to each of the parts, beautifully composed and all about the Eagles for some reason, was gone, poof, like a dream. I never even got to read the whole thing. I had gotten as far as Lyin’ Eyes and had to stop. A shame. It was a good piece. In analog times these things lasted. Now they’re just zapped into the corn field.

Anyway, let’s just pretend I never said Houses of the Holy.

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