Just saw an article about how there are only two Pioneer Chicken restaurants left in Southern California, where once there were hundreds, or flocks of them anyway. Now I’ve never eaten at Pioneer Chicken. Not a fan of greasy fried chicken. But back in the ‘80’s my wife went to interview for an executive secretary gig at the Pioneer Chicken corporate headquarters on 6th Street in Los Angeles. The whole Pioneer Chicken Empire was run from there, all those restaurants, all those chickens. She was ushered into the president’s office. He looked at her. We’re here to sell chicken, he said. My wife giggled. Sorry, she said. He started again. We’re here to sell chicken. My wife giggled. Sorry she said. He tried again. We’re here to sell chicken, he said. Again my wife giggled, she couldn’t help it. What’s so funny, he asked. Chickens are funny, she said. Interview over, he said. She got up to leave. But they are funny, she said.

She didn’t get the job.