One of the fun things about getting old is that you always remember the times it rained like this before. You call this wet? You should have seen the rain in ‘78. Rain was really wet then.

I think the wettest I ever got was one rainy afternoon in Goleta in 1978. It was like I’d gotten thrown in the pool. Gotten thrown in several pools. Each one wetter than the one before. Pools were wetter then. And sequentially even wetter.

I just figure we had real rain back then. Not this “rain” rain. Or maybe I was 20 years old and just too stupid to get out of the rain. Wait ten years and I might be too stupid to get out of it again. Life has its cycles.

Is it still raining?

Three weeks of rain

There’s all this bright, shiny, silent, scary, dry stuff outside everywhere and it’s creeping me out. Apparently it’s supposed to be there all afternoon. Some of it got inside the living room where it stains the floor mimicking the window and is warm to the touch, as if alive. The wife tells me it’s been creeping slowly across the room. This is like the lamest Outer Limits ever.