Here come da judge

Facebook has ruined writing. You can write all you want on Facebook and there’s no need whatsoever to do so with any grace or talent or even basic writing chops. You’re not supposed to show any chops, actually. It was designed as a purely egalitarian medium. Nothing pretty. Very little even signficant. I know a lot of fine writers and their Facebook posts are just as dull and artless as any twelve year old’s. It is wholly functional.  Two dimensional. If people talked as dull as they post you would find them so annoying you’d duck out of the way when you saw them coming. Facebook reduces everyone to the dullest person you know. It is artless, faceless, characterless and not very funny. Emotions are worn on sleeves. Facebook is like instant messaging that everyone at work can read. Safe, dull, and designed not to hurt anyone’s feelings. No juicy gossip, no hidden secrets, no sex.   Continue reading

Rita Hayworth

Watched Lady From Shanghai again yesterday. Damn that’s a great flick. And Rita Hayworth in that short blonde hair, good lord she was hot. Gorgeous. Gorgeously hot. A goddess, but one of those South Indian goddesses carved into the rock walls of a temple in the Deccan traps full of Vishnu and war and elephants and preening gods with tremendous manhoods and goddesses who lie about naked in the sun, condemning whole cities to oblivion. One of those kinds of goddesses. The gnarly ones.