Let them eat kaczyzm

Let them eat cake, in Polish, and the moment you realize your obsession with linguistics seems just weird on Twitter:


Every time a prez or a pope visits Los Angeles, or a Michael Jackson dies, there are traffic jams for a couple hours.  Except now they get on Facebook and the whole world shrieks. Remember when Carmageddon was gonna end civilization as we know it?

It didn’t. 

I was just down on the prez’s motorcade route a bit a go and had no idea he’d even been there a couple hours earlier. Traffic was normal, the secret service all gone, and civilization remained. Even the birds flew.

I think in a decade or two Facebook and Twitter will stop controlling our thoughts and actions, and we’ll all start thinking again.

The 405 in the Sepulveda Pass. Sometimes it moves.




Why do smart people write such stupid tweets? Give them 140 characters and suddenly they’re back in junior high. Must be that irony thing.  It’s a shame though….it’s such an amazing technology. You learn how to reduce an essay down to a vivid sentence or two…till you  have nothing but the pure essence of what it is you are thinking. A thousand or ten thousand words laid out in 140 characters, and then sent out to hundreds or thousands of people who will understand exactly what it is you are trying to say in the instant it takes them to read the thing.  Wow.
But so few people seem to realize this. You’d think a writer, especially, would pick up on this. Instead they make wise ass comments and make themselves look like snide little assholes. I guess  maybe the potential is beyond the current generations using it, really…they can’t get themselves to think in Twitter. Instead they use it just like they text. If you could sext on Twitter it’d be full of naked pictures, and that’s all.

Funny that something as incredibly basic and user friendly as Twitter is a technology that is beyond the evolution of the human mind..so far. Give it twenty years, though. Twitter and all the future mondo-twitters will be used to transmit the most profound ideas and visceral emotions in ways that perhaps 99% of us can’t even imagine–hell, can’t even conceive of–now.

I’m not saying Twitter will replace novels,essays or blogging. But it might become just as significant as al of those. No one would ever have believed that those little Edison shoot ’em ups would ever become as profound as anything done on the stage, that those early jazz cylinders would ever become A Love Supreme, or a few symbols scratched on a mud tablet along the Euphrates River would ever become the zillions of books available on Amazon.  It takes a generation at least even begin to imagine the potential for that. Wish I could be there to see it. But being born to early, I probably am not even equipped to imagine it. Hardwired in the past, I am. Neuroplasticity has it’s limits. Sigh……….