Tonight (10/4/04) – Kerry benefit: GHIDORAH hard rock fiesta

Ghidorah are my favorite rock band now.  They shred.  They rocked so hard and out I had no idea they were covering a King Crimson song and therefore could not respond intellectually.  They do great old Cream songs that gets Bob Moss really excited.  Vince plays drums and he even sings just like the dude in Rare Earth.  Carey’s out there boing/screech chunka chunka chicken headed guitar generated a ten minute long Curly Joe imitation by Cake.  They once played completely naked except for three very rare English prog 45’s they found on Ebay for a lot of money.  They will scare all the conservatives, confuse all the liberals, and ignore the Naderites.  The Natural Law people will understand, though.  They generated more dope smoking among the audience than any pop group since The Five Man Electrical Band blew Miles Davis off the stage at Watkin’s Glen.  And as an added treat, Pat Hoed does the worst Johnny Winter impression I have ever seen. 

They certainly qualify as groovy.

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