Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is such an amazing place, and at any of the scenic views, all of which are at the edge of the abyss (and it is an abyss), there’s this feeling of death that never leaves until you are safely back in the car. I imagine that is part of the attraction of the park, there’s a thrill to it. I think we’re all terrified by the notion that on some crazy impulse we didn’t even know we had, we would hurl ourselves over.  I think that’s what takes hold of a few people every year. As they fall they wonder just what the hell made them do such a crazy thing.

My god, what an unsettling thought that is.

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon

  1. I think that everyone has thoughs thouhgts. There a sense of pulling downward as you once approach the edge. Thinking of it, I can hear my Mother voice caustion me about the instability of the earth beneath my feet if I got too close. It still very beautiful and mystical.


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