My first words at the office today were who the hell put a fucking platypus on my monitor? Normally it’s good morning, but there was a platypus on my monitor.

I was up till three in the morning writing, come to work a few hours later and have to deal with a monotreme. A stuffed blue monotreme with absurdly bulbous eyes. Cute.

I hate cute. I’m six and a half foot tall and look like an aging linebacker and that and cute don’t jibe.

But I work at Disney. ‘Nuff said.

Once I came to work many years ago and found an eight foot Tinkerbelle painted on my wall. There was me, my desk, my computer, and Tinkerbelle. The girls had a ball with that. A big macho dude with a huge Tinkerbelle over his desk.

That’s not even cute. It’s just sick.

And while none of this is worthy of a blog post, it’s my blog so there.

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