Inutterably gorgeous


I am so wasted right now. My allergies kicked in insanely so I asked my  devoted wife to bring me a couple allergy pills. She complied. I gulped them down and immediately forgot. Later I just had to smoke this cigar I’ve had staring at me for a week or so, and then I decided I needed whiskey, went out onto our splendid sundeck, lit up that nice stogie and sipped a double whiskey on the rocks. It was a beautiful night, and everything turned a beautiful two dimensions and I sat out there in the silence, watching everything and out of my mind high on antihistamine and nicotine and a little booze. Loved every second of it. I rarely drink whiskey at home or smoke cigars or take double allergy pills and just loved it.  Thank god I am too wasted to type. But life is so beautiful.

(a couple days later….)

Wow…this is crazy beautiful. I forgot I sent this. I was really effed up…i had forgotten I had taken the double allergy pills and was watching the old Preston Sturgis flick The Lady Eve and everyone in it was drinking whiskey and smoking cigars so I had to join in. After a few puffs and a couple swigs I got incredibly buzzed . I remember sitting out there, the night was perfect, and all was instantaneously two dimensional and inutterably gorgeous…that is the one part of being epileptic I absolutely love, those sudden changes in depth perception. You guys can’t appreciate how lovely it is. The same effect happens on acid, so anyone who’s tripped has gotten a tinge of it.  In any case I sat out there and had the urge to write and laughed wondering who the poor soul was gonna be that got a deranged email, but felt better figuring I’d be too effed up to type. But these damn fingers…they tried. Out came that email. That first paragraph is a vivid and perfect description…I had forgotten all about that until I read this again.

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