Monophytism? It’s either the doctrine that Christ had a single, divine nature, or else it’s a venereal disease, I can never remember which.
I think the icon thing was settled when they decided it was OK to venerate icons as long as they did were not worshipped as being divine unto themselves. Of course, then Islam came in and rendered that moot. Aside from the fact that the Koran is venerated.
There are always complications…..
And then there are relics. Relics of the saints are one thing, but what if the relics are of jesus himself? What happens if you have an urn containing, say, the cock of Jesus. Doubtless there were many of these. Now, how would one venerate the cock of jesus? Is it the Lord itself/himself? In that case you worship it. Or is is a relic of the Lord. In which case you venerate it? Or is it something you leave on the mantle and talk about at parties? 
Me, I ‘m an atheist so how the hell would I know. I’m just asking.

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