Maybe they just like him

I’ve been so busy doing this blog I forgot all about Facebook. So I wrote this in Facebook. Then decided I could pretend I blogged it here. Posting or blogging…what’s the difference? Anyway, tomorrow is double nickles for Brick, btw. Finally. There was a time when double nickles meant double pennies, once for each eye. A hundred years ago that’s what that meant. Now people live forever. Weird. I party with guys over 80. And they do party. Everything but chase girls. Though my friend Virg lets them sit on his lap. All night long at our party, women in his lap. A friend a generation younger watched him jealously. What’s his secret? he hissed. How come they all sit on his lap? He was mad. I said I dunno. Maybe they just like him. Which just made him madder. I told him to have another bowl and not worry about it. He did and stopped. Later’s he’s goofing with the guy. Weed does have its uses. That was my birthday party. Last year or the year before, I can’t remember. They tend to blur together in an endless stream of anecdotes followed by hours of cleaning. Not having one this year. Too expensive. We’ll try later. Now we’re just gonna go to the Foundry on Melrose tomorrow. Love that joint. OK, I’m at work and not working. Many of you are also at work and not working. You’re reading this blog or on your Facebook page posting inane shit to people who write inane comments back. Like this. I mean this is inane. Way inane. Textbook inanity. Of course many of you are not working and can’t believe that I’d sit here at work and not work. I know. I feel shame. And that’s America to me. That and those women sitting in Virg’s lap.

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