(c. 2000 or so)

Once about twenty years ago I was walking though the Beverly Center and out of the corner of my eye I caught somebody walking beside me. Glanced over and there’s a mime. This little dude, matching my long stride with a big loping gait and a idiotically serious expression, every movement I did, he did, in his little striped turtleneck and big floppy beret and whiteface. I stopped. He stopped. I turned toward him. He turned toward me. I stared. He stared back. I didn’t utter a word, he didn’t make a sound. I said if you don’t stop I am going to kill you. He said you can’t be serious. I nodded yes. He said sorry. I resumed walking and went about my business. He stood there, considering a career change.

When I passed by the spot on the way back, he was gone.

3 thoughts on “Mime

  1. Apparently that was a fairly short-lived fad because this sort of response was so common, and it supposedly had nothing to do with traditional mine. I doubt Marcel Marceau ever pulled a stunt like that, and I suspect Bowie never did either.


    • Actually Marcel Marceau pulled that very same stunt with Adolf Hitler, stumping around beside him at Versailles, which could have ended the war right there and changed history forever. Alas, Maurice Chevalier made him stop because he was worried about his own gig, and besides, Petain was weirding out.


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