Silver Lake

Just read that our local Ralphs–once a local Hughes–will be turning into a Whole Foods. Which means we will have a Whole Foods and a Gelson’s to shop at now. That’s the new Silverlake for you. To think this used to be a real neighborhood, full of real people making real people wages. I swear, having your neighborhood gentrified under your feet is so sad. All the soul and feel is sucked dry and you’re left with nothing but rich white people buying organic food and complaining about the Mexicans in the parking lot.

I love where I live, but I’m not so nuts about a lot of the people living here. If I’d wanted to live on the Westside i”d have moved there. Watch out Echo Park, you’re next. The tide of money flowing in from the westside is inexorable. Head east, young man, head east. There’s life across the river.

One thought on “Silver Lake

  1. I wrote this bit later, commenting on a Facebook post:

    Yeah, I saw it in the Eastsider this morning, Ilka Pardenas forwarded the link. It’s sort of the final step in the gentrification process that began twenty years ago and was virtually complete by 2000. The rich used to live in the hills, the lowlands were Latin, mostly, with gays, bohos, old people and Filipinos. You have no idea how different it was then. And obscure. Few people even knew the reservoir existed then. You said you lived in Silverlake (it was one word then) and people said where? It was so gay then, very very leather. They all died, the survivors moved away. Such estate sales there were in their wake. The bohos moved to Echo Park and Highland Park. The Latinos were forced east. The filipinos disappeared entirely. And the old people faded away, as old people do. When the old punks get together at summer barbeques they reminisce about the days when there was danger here, murders even, and radical crazy clubs and huge noisy parties, and chaps and slings and crisco, and the cops cleared the Junction at closing time by charging down Sunset on motorcycles, like the cossacks in Dr. Zhivago.


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