Tongue thing

I don’t remember writing this, but it was sometime after Miley Cyrus shook civilization to is very core.

Not defending Miley Cyrus, mind you, but she is young, and we all make mistakes. The unfortunate part is that she made her mistake in a very public way, and will have to pay for it, no doubt,for many humiliating years to come. (from Facebook)

A mistake? That wasn’t a mistake. From her POV there’s nothing to defend at all. She’s twenty years old performing for sixteen year olds, Whatever grown ups think means absolutely nothing to her or  that demographic. I think you are all completely missing the point, which from her POV, is great. The more outraged the old people are, the more her fans will love her.

And besides that, her performance was nothing. It was rated PG. The media and public reaction was more about babbitty Gen X’ers turning puritanical with age than it was about her being bad. Hell, man, twerking? Really? You ever see footage of rotten teens jitterbugging in the thirties? Or flappers in the twenties? Or naked hippies? Or punk rockers? I once heard Donna Summer do a thirty minute soundcheck outdoors in Milwaukee that pretty much covered the entire auditory range of the female orgasm. It echoed. This was thirty years ago. Civilization recovered.

We’ll all look at that stupid Miley Myrus dance in ten years and wonder what the hell everyone was so excited about. And we’ll feel kinda silly about the whole thing.

But I am looking forward to the pictures in twenty years–Grandpa doing his Gene Simmons tongue thing and Mommy doing her Miley Cyrus tongue thing and the kids being completely disgusted.

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