TV Eye

Will you all just shut up about Breaking Bad already?

I don’t understand why you people keep getting hooked on television shows. I mean television shows? After all these years you still get sucked into that? Sometimes you all get together and waste an hour talking about television shows when you’re not even watching them. Nothing ruins a party like a bunch of people babbling about TV. It seems like a ridiculous waste of whatever time you have left on the planet. I mean there’s nothing wrong with television, I watch television, but it seems weird to base so much of your week around what shows you’re gonna watch, and caring so much about fictional characters. That seems so completely weird to me. I have absolutely no idea what I will watch tomorrow, or the day after, or ever. I don’t plan for television time. I never have. Ever. If there’s a good movie or a hockey game or a great documentary I’ll watch it, maybe. But it’s all spur of the moment. I would never set aside time to watch Dexter or Mad Men or whatever on a weekly basis.. You know you’ve been suckered by a television network when you do that. You know they’ve got you pegged. And they know you’ll be buying something you saw during the commercials. You say you won’t, but you will. It’s not like you have a choice. They figured that out too.

So here’s an idea…..if there’s a television series on, and you find yourself watching three or four episodes in a row, it’s time to stop watching it. You’ll live.

This message was not brought to you by the Advertising Council.





2 thoughts on “TV Eye

  1. Are you telling me you’ve never watched a TV Show and got slightly fanatical about it?

    I get what you’re saying that it can be a bit annoying when people go on and on about a show but I wouldn’t judge them for it. TV shows are another form of art meaning it’s up for different interpretations to different people.


    • No, I have literally never been fanatical about a televiosn show, ever. And actually we have never watched prime time programming as far back as I can remember. The lone exception was Hill Street Blues for some reason, tho’ we got bored soon. That was thirty years ago. But that wasn’t even fanatical, not even kinda. We never even know what the shows are at prime time until lately when that’s what people seem to talk about all the time.


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