So a punch line I thought up in high school finally got a set up today. Forty years may seem like a long time, but in the grand history of civilization it’s just another slowly unwinding bit. Centuries might pass between laughs. Concepts await understanding. Ironies not yet ironic. Knock knock said Aristophanes. No one laughed. Take my life, please, said Socrates. And they did. How an elephant got in my pajamas I’ll never know, said Jesus. But it was a rough crowd, and they crucified him.

One thought on “Punchline

  1. Brick- funny you mention the elephant and Jesus. i’ve been looking at Buddhist Xtian parallels and one of the sutras has the Universal Sage Bodhisattva arriving (in a metaphorical trippy parallel dimension no one thinks is “historical” or “real” ) riding on an elephant with six tusks and seven legs that hovers 7 feet above the ground and yet each footprint has a thousand spoke circle from which lotuses grow. that elephant is really big, big enough for ponds with maidens etc. then sort of trunk spews forth a piercing hued light which mirrors in the participant bringing spiritual wavelength upgrades …then everyone around becomes elephants in 10 directions.. try telling that to Caesar- [?][?] the whole thing is just a metaphor same as the dove or a cloud …..it was fun seeing your article. …. RO


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