White Fence

So this chick from Silver Lake told me White Fence were at the Natural History Museum. I did one of those Facebook double takes. At the Natural History Museum? Yeah, she said, it was First Fridays Night. You mean all those USC kids and White Fence? Yeah, and White Fence played. White Fence are a band now? Yeah, she said, for a few years now. La Eme order that? They’ve gotten into the Alternative Music industry now? I imagined a bunch of guys covered in tattoos and tear drops singing Cisco Kid and Farmer John and Tell Her She’s Lovely. What the hell are you talking about she asked. I realized it wasn’t the same White Fence. Nothing, I said, I’ve just lived here too long. I began to write that over at Cafe NELA they’d have thought the same thing I did, but on my side of the river now White Fence are some hipsters in a band…but I deleted it. It was a great show, she said, they’re really good. OK, I said, but I remember when they tagged my car.

White Fence

White Fence

(Photo by Kevin Dean www.betaart.com. I recommend checking out the site…he does some remarkable work.)

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