Answering machine


Back in the 80’s we had one of those answering machines that used ordinary cassettes. I was quite the archivist then and of course saved them. There’s three. I just listened to side A of the first tape. Appears to be 1988-89. I must have been deleting messages as I went along and saving the good ones. If you were hanging with us then you’re on there. Wild times, man, and a lot of smart asses. Some of this stuff is hysterically funny. And damn, there were a lot of shows back then. Also sounds like we threw a party or two. No more than one a week, anyway. I’ll have to listen to all three tapes eventually, but it’s a little overwhelming to relive your life of a third of a century ago. I cannot believe that we’re still hanging with almost everyone on there. It’s amazing how lifelong friendships are. Especially considering who those friends are. Sheesh. No wonder I never got rich. Well, one of them did. Must be a jillionaire. The one we all lost touch with. He knew better. He and his dinosaurs.


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