You started the fight, Van Gogh


Harley Flanagan Arrested: Founder Of Cro-Mags Charged With Assault For NYC CBGB Fest Fight
NEW YORK — Authorities say a two people were stabbed and one was also bitten before a show at the New York City music venue Webster Hall. Harley Flanagan, a founder of the hard-core punk band the Cro-Mags, was arrested on assault charges. Published reports say the victims were current members of the group.

No information on an attorney for Flanagan was immediately available.

The violence happened Friday night during the CBGB Festival. CBGB representatives say in a statement that the disturbance shouldn’t overshadow the events, which included free concerts in Times Square and Central Park.

CBGB was once a famed Manhattan rock venue where bands like The Talking Heads performed in the early 1980s. The venue closed in 2006. The festival is an attempt to revive the CBGB brand.

The “CBGB brand”? Are you kidding me? Rock music is so fucked up anymore, just another bullshit business. I’m glad somebody got bit. At least that’s punk rock. Hell, back then if you didn’t get bit or beaten or jailed or wailed on somehow, you weren’t doing the shit right. When you can brand CBGB’s, it’s time to destroy everything and start all over. No shit. That should’ve happened along time ago already. I can’t believe there’s a whole generation of kids who think what we did back then was cool. I mean you simpering little fucks, you’re supposed to hate what we did. We did. Shit, we lived to harass hippies. Always hate what came before you. How do you think music changes? I suppose this is not part of the music appreciation course curriculum, however. You don’t study it when earning that MBA in music industry administration. Sigh…..Would’ve loved to have seen that idiot bite those guys. My guitar player bit a guy’s ear off back in the 80’s. OK, it was just an earlobe. But you shoulda the dude crawling around the floor of the Anti-Club looking for his earlobe like a lost contact lens. Like here ya go, Doc, sew it back on. Yeah, sure. You started the fight, Van Gogh. He was a rich kid anyway. He could buy another. Ya know, I’m supposed to be a hot shit jazz journalist now, but sometimes I miss punk rock.